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autoleatherpicIf your requirements for automotive leather hides demand the highest quality and largest selection, DCT Leathers has the ability to meet your automotive hide and leather automotive replacement and restoration needs. DCT Leathers is proud to offer Muirhead leather, with over 150 colors, totaling over 15,000 hides, in stock and ready for quick ship orders. DCT Leathers uses only Muirhead tanned Northern European hides. Muirhead holds ISO 14001 the original and most exacting measurement for Green Standards in the industry.For automotive leather hides; DCT Leathers offers 6 ranges of finished leather including 6 colors in metallic to suit a variety of end uses. In addition DCT Leathers offers our clients the ability to preview our leather automotive hides and furniture leather hides with free leather brochures and free leather samples before purchasing your leather upholstery; all you pay for is the postage to ship your leather upholstery and leather hide brochures and samples to you!Muirhead Leathers is recognized as an industry leader in automotive leather hides for restoration projects, with Muirhead Leather being found in cars, homes, offices, hotels, public buildings and cruise shops around the world. The Sateen upholstery hides are fully fire retardant and are perfect leather upholstery for public seating applications as well.

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