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Automotive Upholstery Hides

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DCT Leathers is committed to the highest quality for your leather upholstery and automotive replacement hides. Leather upholstery hides distributed by DCT Leathers are tanned and finished by our dedicated and experienced team of Muirhead’s crafts people and technicians who blend tradition with the latest leather technology.This commitment to quality is evident in the variety of testing that Muirhead Leather engages in with all of our leather products. Before an automotive leather hide can leave DCT Leathers, we test our leather upholstery hides for many properties, including:

  • Consistency of thickness
  • Tear strength
  • Flexing endurance
  • Adhesion of Finish
  • Fastness of dry and wet rub
  • Fastness to light (UV rating)
Muirhead finishes automotive leather hides with the best equipment available to the leather trade by our crafts people and technicians who take pride in every leather hide that they supply. If you are ready to see the difference that DCT Leathers distributes in leather automotive hides, leather upholstery replacements and furniture leather hides, we encourage you to contact DCT Leathers to learn how we can meet your leather upholstery and hides standards.


Please contact us at 1-800-469-2793 or email us with your requirements.