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Handcrafted Leather Desk Tops

leather-top-mahogany-executive_290_194 The “Leather on Top” Desk Top program is a 15 year proven formula that is considered the paramount of the Desk Top leather market. DCT Leathers offers free instructions for application of the leather to your table or Desk Top and delivery can be made within 2 weeks and is shipped quickly to you via FedEx. DCT Leathers is an expert in antique leather restoration and leather desk top replacements, using Andrew Muirhead Fine Scottish leather exclusively for the projects created by DCT. Muirhead Leather is tanned from Northern European hides, which allows large patterns to be cut based upon individual leather Desk Top needs. All leathers include 2 pigment coats and a protective lacquer top, giving a durable yet traditional appearance that is a hallmark of the Leather on Top program. This program offers over 10 colors that are fully finished and ready for application to desk or table top, along with 20 gold tooling designs to choose from. In addition, DCT Leathers can tool more than one design from our 20 gold tooling options, allowing our customers an unparalleled amount of freedom when it comes to Leather Desk Tops design. All of the leather used by DCT is 1.0 mm thick (approximately 3/64 inch) with a traditional smooth finish. Large size desks can usually be accommodated, with one piece to an approximate length of 72 to 78 inches, sometimes longer depending on the width.

The quality of leather from DCT Leathers is what sets us apart from other leather Desk Top companies. DCT is committed to the quality of our “Leather on Top” leathers and we pride ourselves on offering the following:

  • DCT Leathers Desk Top leathers are finished by the tannery, which means there are no bleeding or wet rub issues with our Desk Top leathers.
  • All Andrew Muirhead and Bridge of Weir Fine Scottish Leathers, are tested and certified to meet the most exacting standards of performance including to minimize exposure to ultra-violet light, which is a detriment to the longevity of leather.
  • All DCT Leathers products are tested by test method BS1006, a British Standard for leather finishes that assures the leather Desk Top will last for as long as possible.

Please contact us at 1-800-469-2793 or email us with your requirements.

Looking To Get A Quote For Desktop Leathers?

DCT Leathers is happy to provide a detailed quote on your next leather project. Please use our convenient order form to get an estimated cost for your project.

What people are saying about us...

"Fine work as I worried all week-end although I shouldn’t have as I knew you could talk me through my installation issue. Went down fine and I will try the iron process we discussed before we deliver it. Thanks again for your fine work."

Steve Coup - Coup Restorations

"Beautiful Gold Embossed Leather Top! They did a wonderful job on this and the customer was delighted with the completed project. Thanks DCT for the first class product."

John G - Antiques And All Furniture Restorations

"I’m going to take these pictures and your sample brochure to our local leather upholsterer to let them know what we can do for them or their customers with leather top desks. When I originally got this job I called them to ask if they could care for the installation of the leather top and they said they didn’t do leather desk tops..it was too hard. So maybe I can change that by offering to do it for them."

Boyd L - Furniture Medic

"Wanted to share to pictures of the desk we just completed with the leather we received from you yesterday. This is the one I fouled up the first time. Thanks for your counseling. It’s so simple when following your directions. Feel free to use any of the attached pics you find useful. I will share some tips I have found useful recently; I am now using the border paste (as you suggest) and now using the container with the roller attached. I used to brush it on but the roller allows faster and more uniformed application. I am also using a small artist brush and touching up the edge with an aniline stain which makes a nice finished edge on both the wood and the leather if any light color shows on either.
Both cars did very well at the show."

Ed M - Caledon Trim Shop

"Winner! Here are some photos of The Rusticator owned by John Allen at The Clayton Show. Your leather, my work. The Rusticator won here, then national, then international! Wooden Boat Specialties was the shop that rebuilt her."

Jeff B - Brooks Canvas

"Leather worked perfectly. Thought you might enjoy seeing the kidney desk we just completed. The leather worked perfectly. Not the color I would have selected with the wood but our customer was very pleased and the leather worked perfectly. Thanks for your good work!"

Steve C - Coup Restorations

"Another successful leather installed. Just wanted to drop you a note, another successful desk leather installed – 10 years apart. The first time I bought leather for from you was in August 2001. Large butterscotch piece, 3'x4' for a walnut partners desk. I use this desk EVERY DAY, and the leather is like new. There’s been no trouble at all with it coming up at the edges either. That was my first time installing desk leather, follow the instructions you gave, and it was simple and obviously has held up great, even with the large size. The new leather just done was a simple job on a small English writing desk that I just had refinished. The black leather really accentuates the the grain. Again, couldn’t be happier."

Jennifer F

"Nice Work. Enclosed please find 2 pictures of the finished table. Thank you again for your nice work!"

Peter H

"On target! Attached are pictures of the desk that was designed and built by Fawn Meadow Wood Crafters Inc. with your leather. You were on target when you told me the leather would be the easiest part of the job. It was perfect and mounting it was easy. Thank you for your guidance."

Bruce A