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Leather Hides

Leather Hides
May 8, 2014

leather hidesI’m sending these photos of two cars from the Performance World car show that was held last weekend.In the ’41 Willys I used two leather hides of Sateen Oyster and matched it up with Allante Oyster vinyl. The ’63 Corvette utilized only leather, three hides( so far) of Sateen Pillar Box.

Wanted to share to pictures of the desk we just completed with the leather we received from you yesterday. This is the one I fouled up the first time. Thanks for your counseling. It’s so simple when following your directions.

Feel free to use any of the attached pics you find useful. I will share some tips I have found useful recently; I am now using the border paste (as you suggest) and now using the container with the roller attached. I used to brush it on but the roller allows faster and more uniformed application.

I am also using a small artist brush and touching up the edge with an aniline stain which makes a nice finished edge on both the wood and the leather if any light color shows on either.
Both cars did very well at the show.

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