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If you have needs for a variety of Aircraft Leather, DCT Leathers distributes Andrew Muirhead’s and Bridge of Weir’s variety of Aircraft Leather, Aircraft Upholstery, Aviation Leather and Aviation Upholstery that meets or exceeds all aviation standards.Our Aircraft Leather program alloaviationws quick delivery of customized orders of 30 or more aircraft leather hides. DCT Leathers is a major supplier to the aviation after market industry and our Aircraft Leather and Aircraft Upholstery offers unsurpassed durability and maintainability for the aircraft industry. Sateen and Arisaig FR treatment sets the standard for aircraft fire retardancy. Muirhead and Weir also offer approved, in-house test facilities for all of our aircraft leather, aircraft upholstery, aviation leather and aviation upholstery products. Muirhead’s and Bridge of Weir’s aviation leathers can be delivered from stock or tanned per each order, thus allowing DCT Leathers to customize the ideal aviation leather product that is needed for a variety of new or refurbished aviation interior projects. In addition, all aviation leather shipments come complete with all aviation certification papers that are needed for aviation approval. Aviation and aircraft leathers are made from only the finest Northern European hides that are tanned for this selection of aviation leather. The hides used generally exceed 50 square feet per hide in area, allowing large patterns to be cut for aviation and aircraft leather upholstery.DCT Leathers distributes Sateen and Arisaig fire rated leather that is tested and certified to conform to air-worthiness and public seating aviation specifications. Sateen, offers a matte finish with a hair cell grain, has been specifically used in aviation and aircraft leather applications as high performance leather. Arisaig, a newer aviation leather hide, offers a rich texture and crush-ability with the robustness and performance that is required of prestige domestic and contract aviation and aircraft leather applications. A dedicated team of experts works in partnership with our customers to build our aviation and aircraft leather products to meet our client needs.Working from the Muirhead Leather and Bridge of Weir laboratory, which are also a full accredited aviation leather test house. Our team ensures that all of our aviation and aircraft leathers surpass the variety of international aviation standards from our customer base

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