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Desktop Leather FAQs

How to Prepare and Install Leather on Top?

Step 1
Step 1Preparation & Installation Instructions1. Preparation or the removal of the old Desk Top is the most time consuming part of the restoration. Fortunately this desk still has the original top in place.

Step 2
Step 2Both the leather border and the linen top were bonded to the wood with a form of wheat paste or water based adhesive.

Step 3
Step 3Removal of the old surface requires patience and a steady hand. This top is removed with a scraper... making sure the wood is not damaged.

Step 4
Step 4Use a mixture of 1 part vinegar, 2 parts water in a spray bottle to help lift the top up from the wood.

Step 5
Step 5Use the same water/vinegar mixture and spray the surface... while at the same time scrape the wood to remove the fibres etc from the surface.

Step 6
Step 6Before applying the adhesive, fit the new leather in place to make sure the sizing is correct. The leather should be a fraction smaller than the indent.

Step 7
Step 7A black felt marker is applied around the edge of the indent. Also wood filler is used to smooth the surface. One final sandpapering should make the surface ready for application of the paste.

Step 8
Step 8Spray water only on the back of the leather. This will allow the leather to be a little more stretchy or pliable.

Step 9
Step 9Use Wallpaper Paste as the adhesive. Apply 2 coats to the wood only. After the first coat is dry (min 1 hour) apply the next coat and while is is still wet align the leather to the corners and edges. Roll the leather out, pushing it to either side with your hands as you go. Avoid excessive force and be sure to push out all air bubbles. Butt the leather against the edge of the wood. If the leather needs to be trimmed, lift it and insert a piece of cardboard underneath. Then use a straight edge and razor knife to remove the excess.

Step 10
Step 10Wallpaper paste is the best adhesive to use because it provides plenty of working time, doesn't lump and unlike most other adhesives is easy to clean up or remove with warm water.Finally run your hands over the leather feeling for air bubbles. Push them out to the edge. The water in the paste will dissipate overnight (12 hours).

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