Leather Care

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The treatment of hide, as regards to cleanability and wear, will vary depending on the type and amount of finish which is applied and, perhaps more obviously, the colour. Since this varies betwecosy living roomen hide suppliers it is advisable to let a customer know which hide covers his or her furniture.Cleaning is perhaps something that is given too much emphasis. Leather furniture in a normal domestic environment should require little attention and any cleaning should be done only when necessary. It is not essential to the life of leather that it should be cleaned regularly, but at the same time an accumulation of dirt and grease over a period of time is undesirable and obviously, the longer it is left the more difficult it will be to remove. Dirt is abrasive and over a period of time in extreme circumstances will cause the removal of the protective coating.

Regular cleaning can be done simply by using a damp cloth, taking care not to soak the leather.

Avoid: Cleaning: Regular Care:
Direct Sunlight
Damp cloth for regular cleaning
Vacuum clean
Excessive Heat
Cloth & mild soap for more thorough treatment
Avoid chemical polishes or soap
Sharp objects
Do not soak the leather
Polish with dry cloth

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